Man City 2-3 Man Utd Highlights

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10 Responses

  1. Adiele necodemus says:

    Man u. is de bxt choice any footballer should tek if he wants 2 b a star. De only club in england to produce world best(c.ronaldo)

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s man utd all d way. 4get about our noisy neighbours. Even chelsea fans should see and learn 4rm d experienced team. 4rm Marcus Agbomi.

  3. abubakar abdulrahaman decolism says:

    up man u mancity no rich na dy wan die abeg hu wan try man.u na

  4. Sabastine Shehu Audh says:

    Macini is not an experient caoch if not they for win sunday match. Up united we have already win the premier league at 20.

  5. newton sunday says:

    manchester united for life” not untill they agree, we are the best in england, they will continue to be under dog, cos united are far away from them, go and ask real madrid, about the galaticos, they will tell them, money cant buy success, so man city buckle up, ur reign is over……man u for life

  6. Mfon Samson says:

    Man city are truely noisy neighbours.The assembly of stars world over,talk of Aguero,Baloteli,Zhenko,Harts,etc. by city does not make a team.Manchester United are the real men,and it should not be a suprise to see them humiliate the City boys.

  7. Adee says:

    Still early days, but suck it blues!

  8. Anonymous says:

    m.u beat m.c 3-1 fulltime.

  9. Emma nwogo says:

    Man city 3 man utd 2

  10. Benedict Titus says:

    The match of man city vs man u is going to be 2-3