Man City 4-3 Sunderland Highlights

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3 Responses

  1. cnm says:

    ene 1 yumaa gargaachee llraaaaaa

  2. zda says:

    gargaachee zda

  3. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Once more Man City’s frailties are shown, despite lucking into a win – the result seems secondary however, to the fact that – as I have been predicting – Mark Hughes has been relieved of the managerial position, as it is clear that he has not made City an attractive proposition for the big names that the club are desperate to attract in January.
    This desperation and naivety could still be the undoing of City; major names are rarely available in January, as they are all cup-tied in the ECL – and City’s owner’s still appear to be under the impression that success is attained simply by throwing money around.

    Will Mancini fare any better? Will he simply fill the club with Italian mercenaries?
    Watch this space…