Portsmouth 2-0 Liverpool Highlights

Liverpool’s season of woe continued as they were beaten by the Premier League’s bottom club Portsmouth.

Watch English Premier League football match, Portsmouth Vs Liverpool highlights here.

1-0 Belhadj 33′

2-0 Piquionne 82′

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7 Responses

  1. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Pompey have actually been playing fairly well in many games this season, but have had appalling luck.
    Looks like they hit it off this time – well done!

    As for Liverpool… well, what can one say?
    Personally, I thought last season was something of an aberration, and I was not convinced they could make such a challenge this year… they lost a crucial player in Alonso without replacing him, and Rafa spent £38m on a RB who cannot defend and a crocked Italian with a history of injuries who couldn’t even play until December – when everyone could see that there was no cover for an injury prone Torres (N’Gog simply doesn’t cut it).
    They were also unlikely to be so fortunate as to play over a quarter of their league games against fewer than 11 men in the opposition like they did last season, when they benefited from a record number of sendings off for their opponents.

    Rafa demanded total control over the finances and transfers; he got it – the buck stops with him!

    I predicted that Hughes would get the sack from City – which took no great skill, admittedly – but I am also convinced that Rafa is a “Dead Man Walking”, and Hicks and Gillette are actively searching for his replacement.

    “Mister” Benitez will not be manager of Liverpool FC at the beginning of next season; count on it… the only question is just when he goes…

  2. CHEALSEN says:

    you are the best portsmouth…..well done

  3. SCOUSEintheHOUSE says:

    Did I mention I’m a twat?

  4. Well done to our team. We completely dominated the game and showed up Liverpool for what they really are. Now we can take this performance on and further our campaign as a good Premier League team.

  5. denhen says:

    Well done, Portsmouth. Must thanks Avam who dare to field all the best players unlike the coward McCarthy who still dare to defend his wrong.

    Portsmouth will stay up. Wolves can go back where they belonged.

  6. Fa Q says:

    well done portsmouth

  7. SCOUSEintheHOUSE says:

    Congratulations to Portsmouth they battled and played hard today, although the ref completely screwed the game up and was a total twat to red card our player the fact is we did not take are chances. It’s no surprise teams don’t fear us at the moment. Insua is shit, Kuyt can’t pass, Gerrard is not in his best form, Lucas is another total ****, who the **** can score for us apart from Torres and maybe Benayoun. What are these overpaid ****s doing in a Liverpool shirt, God only knows. Our players have no composure on the ball, no ability, no passing movements that can open defenses. I have always supported Benitez but I don’t know what the **** he is doing lately, he plays players out of position. He chops and changes the team every week, but worse of all he plays defensive players all the time. I would love to see a attacking team when we play the team bottom of the division but “No”, instead we play the same useless wankers. Please get these players out a Liverpool shirt NOW. Happy Christmas to Portsmouth fans I feel as miserable as a Turkey getting his arse stuffed.