Man Utd 0-0 Arsenal Highlights

Man Utd wrap up their third consecutive Premier League title after a 0-0 draw with Arsenal at Old Trafford.




Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal

13 April 2008 – Ref: Howard Webb

Man Utd scorers: Ronaldo 54 pen, Hargreaves 72

Arsenal scorer: Adebayor 48


Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United

8 November 2008 – Ref: Howard Webb

Arsenal scorers: Nasri 22, 48

Man Utd scorer: Rafael Da Silva 90


Mike Dean (Wirral)

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11 Responses

  1. man utd says:

    man utd have proven they’re the best team in the world… 3 CONSECUTIVE EPL TITLES, world champions, champions league finalists and current champions of europe.
    liverpool fans have no recent silverware to back their claims.

  2. Raez says:

    barca is going to win are you serious??? lmaoo if chelsea can f**k them up the arse hmm i guess man will lose? stfu!! eat a dick please u dont even know what ur talking about do u even watch the game ooh i forgot ur prob another hater.. liversh*t liverpoo? dont hate us cause were better.. thats how the world is get over it faggot b4 who ever says barca is going to win seen barcas back four? lately huh! ronaldo right wing nani left. there f**ked

  3. Louzypool says:

    Louzypool c**ts aint gonna win a thing cauz. His armband proved he was a cunt Torres Torres. You’ll never walk again it says Torres TOrres. They bought the lad from F**ked up SPain he lost the ball he missed a gain. Fernando TOrres Louzypoll’s number 9

  4. man u r the best says:

    man u r the greatest team in history
    f**k liverpool chelsea and other fans

  5. man utd says:

    man utd are the greatest team in the world! they will outplay barca..sir alex is the king

  6. messi says:

    f**k unteds glory

  7. messi says:

    barca are goin to win may 27  barca 3-2

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bikram Shrestha enjoy your birthday before couse you are going down on 27 mate . Barca 3-1 United haha

  9. Man U says:

    Glory Glory United ! 18th Titles in the bag and  in Rome against Barca there will be yet another Champaions Leauge title on the way.

  10. SeeniPeer says:

    Manchester United Win the title & leave no hope to rival
    Manchester United Win the title & Win again
    Manchested United Win the title & Make us proud

  11. Bikram shrestha says:

    man u is definetly enjoy tha eighteenth tital today so i have enjoyed and also enjoy alot and best of luck for may 27 three days before my birthday i am gonna celeberate my birthday on may 27 with chapions legue titel so devils are back in action again