Man Utd 2-2 Sunderland Highlights

Manchester United salvaged a draw against Sunderland as an unfortunate Anton Ferdinand scored a late own goal.

Watch English Premier League football match, Manchester United Vs Sunderland Highlights.

0-1  D.Bent 7′


1-1 D.Berbatov  51′


1-2  K.Jones 52′


2-2 A.Ferdinand (OG) 90′


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3 Responses

  1. Lister says:

    Nobody’s arguing about the time added on, you prick

    It’s about how you deserved to lose, and lose badly, yet still you don’t have the dignity to admit when another team was far, far better.

    Up yours, son.

  2. leon o'trotsky says:


  3. Hmmm… two goals, several bookings, a sending off, five substitutions, endless time-wasting by Sunderland (understandably, in the circumstances); Richardson took an age to walk off, and Sunderland only made a move to make a substitution when he had left the field of play; then the Sunderland player took so long to walk off for the substitution that the ref had to hurry him up!
    Clearly, there ought to have been more than 4 minutes added on – and then of course another goal was scored in added time…
    All in all, there is no way there should have been fewer than 5 minutes added time… So where is the huge outcry?
    Where are all the headlines screaming; “Brucie Time!“?
    And why – when a substitution is supposed to add 30 seconds – is added time always rounded up or down to a whole minute? This fact alone makes it evident that “added time” is in reality nothing more than a rough guess made at the discretion of the referee.
    No, just as when Arsenal had 7 minutes injury time at OT last month, truth is duller than fiction when it comes to media coverage of football.
    That of course is the beauty of the Interweb; it allows objective, observant and erudite observers such as yours truly to make plangent and percipient analyses and bring a little truth and beauty into the lives of the confused proletariat masses.
    There’s no need to thank me; I think of it as a public service…