Man Utd 1-0 Everton Highlights

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9 Responses

  1. burn says:

    manu on its track to the winning ways so get ready for another celebration

  2. bikram shrestha says:

    devils are back in action so resdy to enjoy the bpl celeveration in devils style

  3. FuzZy says:

    Well done MAN U!!! We will bring back the cup for the third conservative year, be prepared for not only a treble, expect the unexpected, GLORY, GLORY MAN UNITED!!!

  4. JASIM says:

    after this match manchester done a record……The 12 cleansheets in a row! A new football league record!.



  5. Anonymous says:

    man utd forever RULES!

  6. Farhan Andiaz says:

    CHAMPIONS OF 2008/2009 again surely….

    Devil Love From Singapore

  7. ROONEY 10 says:

    Great win … they were all over Everton through-out the whole match and surley deserved a bigger result. But it really doesn’t matter as long as they’ve  got the three points and a clean sheet and cemented their position on top of the table. 

  8. Chris says:

    WOW!!! He went down like he was shot!!!  not a good call at all.

  9. Godvictor Walter says:

    Am well pleased with your efficiency at this sector of sports. But i advice you to fix the table of results after every match is played as soon as possible rather than fixing it 2~3days later! Hope u get me wel, otherwise BIG UP.!.!.