Man Utd 3-0 Fulham Highlights

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20 Responses

  1. Ikra Ahmed says:

    Come on united we need to win the league once again can you do it yes we can.Trash liverpool.

  2. Nimrah says says:

    top of the league man u come on trash stupid liverpool.

  3. Ikra says says:

    Glory Glory Man united were the best on the earth and this year we will win again!!!!!!!!!! Ronaldo the best rooney berbatov and van der sar good or should the best.Stay at the top of the table dont let stupid liverpool catch us up.

  4. manuamerica says:

    5 points and running. keep it up man u.

  5. abdirahman says:

    when u see man utd calose u r eyes

  6. mujinga says:

    yeah united were the best in de world

  7. mohamedj says:

    man utd are the best!!!!!!!

  8. red devil says:

    manchester united

  9. AHMED says:


  10. MAN U says:

    man u are da bestttttttttttt

  11. Anonymous says:

    who is going to stop us

  12. ronaldo says:

    good i like it

  13. methen says says:

    Liverpool beware, we are coming near 18 and hoping to succeed.

  14. Red Devil says:

    We will also deversionize Inter Milan!

  15. man utd man says:

    did you hear about the flea that won the lottery? He bought a big dog in Tuscany.
    Do you hear the drums Ronaldo?

  16. man utd man says:

     up the under and hows your father?

  17. Man utd supporter says:

    is manutd vs fulham today i hope man utd wins

  18. Man united says:

    Ronaldo,berbatov wl get their names on d score sheet.up united.bukola moses 4rm nigeria

  19. Man united says:

    Man u wl definately win tonait and displace liverpool.lets just wait and see.dis season,we wl win a quadruple