Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal Highlights

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2 Responses

  1. Dickson Aniekan says:

    I saw de doom Arsenal were about to face in de match, so I predicted 2 – 1 in favour of Tot. Spurs. Really I’m not surprised about. Their couch should bargain for quality players nd buy soonest to avert de worst. I wish them goodluck in this campain. Up Man Utd 4ever.

  2. J.b.s says:

    I know gunna’s are going to win today so goodluck to gunner’s but the coach need to be address if u think about business & profit you shld as wel think about the fans. i think, if u kno wot the fans are going through u wil not continue on buying & selling in other to make profit.
    when u sell out our quality players ensure u replace them wit more quality pls & pls manager be up & doing thanks.