Fulham 0-4 Man Utd – FA Cup – Highlights

4-0 win over Fulham helped Manchester United helped them to enter FA Cup semi-finals and kept alive the chance for a historic quintuple.

0-1 C.Tevez 20′

0-2 C.Tevez 35′

0-3 W.Rooney 50′

0-4 Park 81′


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16 Responses

  1. Dreama Toothaker says:

    Nice post – are you considering writing a follow-up?

  2. GabrieLL says:

    Fulham Defense like BRUNEI National Team

  3. Chris says:

    3 mistakes from Fulham and 3 goals from Man U.  wow you beat Fulham  its gonna be a lot harder when you face Everton…

    GO TOFFEES!!!!

  4. Ash The God says:

    Oi cyber, still shoutin that when ur team r 7 points behind? oh nd we have a game in hand. LMFAO M8

  5. Kio says:

    Sorry for you cYER soCCer, but Chelsea will never play like Man Utd do, even the aliens will play for Chelsea. So, maby for man utd s*cks, but for me they are the best and you’ll allways lose.

  6. cYBER soCCer says:

    this team s*ckssss …… GO CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA

  7. jahangir khan says:

    manu ruleeeeeeeezzzz!!!

  8. javatips says:

    I have avoid this match on tips/picks,,,,

    MU not sure to beat odd LOL


  9. AHMED says:


  10. We are not the BEST but the EXCELLENT ones. Utd rules says:

    United as a team is a football Genius.

  11. his diligence pays says:

    “mark johanson once again can do nothing about this. It’s all about the quality of the finish from Ji Sung Park”

  12. park scores!! says:

    yes!! his deserved goal finally hits!!

  13. gloryglorymanutd says:

    um… wheres parks goal?

  14. manuking says:

    what happened to the 4th goal??????????
    its 4:0 … not 3:0!!

  15. mohd 7amoud says:

    come on!!! it’s 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  16. asjad says:

    man united rules the football world