England 5-1 Croatia Highlights

England secured qualification for next summer’s World Cup in South Africa in the most emphatic style as they thrashed Croatia at Wembley.

Watch group 6 European World Cup 2010 qualifier match, England Vs Croatia Highlights here.

1-0 Lampard (Pen) 7′

2-0 Gerrard 17′

3-0 Lampard 57′

4-0 Gerrard 66′

4-1 Eduardo 71′

5-1 Rooney 77′

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4 Responses

  1. haha says:

    did Green say f*** man at 7:37 in the first video?

  2. Rob china says:

    Not working……….

  3. Johnson at RB isn’t working!
    That ludicrous exchange between he and Terry which nearly coast a goal; the absurd and desperate foul on Edouardo which should have cost us a penalty; the cross which he let in so easily for Croatia’s goal, and the numerous times he was caught out of position… all of these defensive frailities cannot be dismissed by sayibg “yes, but isn’t he great going forward?”
    We have attacking players; Extra attacking options from your FB’s is great… provided they can do their main job, which is to defend!
    Better teams than Croatia will focus on our Achilles heel.
    Aside from that, it was an excellent performance from England, and at long last we have an decent alternative to Beckham on the right in Lennon. Forget SWP; he’s had plenty of opportunity, but has always failed at the top level.
    Rooney reminded all those Defoe fans that he is the one striker England cannot afford to lose.
    So we’re going to South Africa!
    Not me personally, mind; I have always thought that it was the wrong place to hold the WC, and I just hope it’s not the nightmare for fans that it could be…

  4. Man_Utd_Fan says:

    not working man!!!!