Netherlands 2-2 England Highlights

Watch International friendly match, Netherlands Vs England Highlights (Holland Vs England highlights) here.
1-0 Kuyt 10′

2-0 Van Der Vaart 37′

2-1 Defoe 49′

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3 Responses

  1. cfc says:

    Adolf.. u r absolutely right!
    more improvement is needed. still it’s a good result.

  2. Ashley Cole!? What am I on?! Of course I meant Ashley Young!

  3. Was Glen Johnson awful or what?! I know none of the defenders covered themselves in glory, and that Ferdinand & Barry made shocking mistakes, but did Johnson get in a winning tackle all night? Even when he managed to be in the right position?
    If I were a Liverpool fan I would be hoping this is just a bad day at the office…
    Rooney & Defoe can’t partner each other; Defoe is too greedy, so he needs to keep scoring to keep his place.
    Carlton Cole has always had so much talent that one wonders what the problem is that has kept his from fulfilling the promise that once made a Chelsea manager say that he was the most talented player at Stamford Bridge!
    Ashley Cole does well for Villa in the EPL, but is not up to it in International football… we need a left winger… or James Milner.
    And did SWP actually get a single cross in? I just remember him running into Dutchmen time after time after time! At this rate we’ll need to keep playing Beckham till he’s 50!