Man Utd 2-1 Boca Juniors Highlights

Watch pre-season friendly match(Audi Cup) match, Man Utd v Boca Juniors highlights here.


23′ Anderson (Man Utd)
42′ Valencia (Man Utd)
55′ Insua (Boca Juniors)

First Half Highlights

1-2 Insua (Boca Juniors) 55′


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27 Responses

  1. PG says:

    I’m back. Busy… Well… After 3 games, I still think SAF need to buy a Midfielder. I still think we need to sell Berba & Carrick. This ex Tott players can’t really perform on higher stage. Here we go…

  2. amaniano says:

    I would love if mufc could bring some new faces!look at our rivals!!what do you think SAF?

  3. pc says:

    where has pg gone come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. amaniano says:

    we know your mufc hearted fan but look at the bright way SAF could made any thing possible,as he did for the last 23yrs.

  5. pc says:

    Your the most negative united fan I know. Seriously, support Liverpool.

    Dont underestimate the gaffer, he’s bought Berbatov for a reason, and with a track record like his he will  be proved right- as usual.

  6. PG says:

    U are Berba till you die. Not MUFC.

  7. pc says:

    nobody will ever and i mean ever replace king eric he is just someones whose irreplacable! . i have full confidence in berba this season i honestly believe he knows what fans like yourself think of him and he is gonna prove all you doubters wrong. owen is a class buy as well looks really hungry and rooneys just typical rooney always 100 per cent pure class. so im puttin money on all 3 of them to become top goalscorer owen bein my favourite to get it.                                                               mufc till i die!!!!!!!!!        

  8. PG says:

    PC, I never ever support other club except Man Utd. I even got a man u tattoo in my heart. We just need to face the fact that he is not what we expect him to be. He just doesn’t fit into the style we play. When i look at the videos while he was with tottenham, is like i am watching a different player. In Malaysia, we can only watch him on TV. 1st season, I thought, ok well… y not just give him few more games, maybe he will improve. But then, he is still the same Berba! Ok then, when he comes to Malaysia & face our lousy national team. I thought he can show off some skills & bla bla bla… But he was just slow & lazy! Even our defender Mr. Zamani who stands at 172cm can even mark him tightly and win headers againts him! Last but not least, he is not Cantona. Let’s see this as a last season for him. Hope he perform!

  9. pc says:

    Keep your negative comments to yourself! Why dont you become a Liverpool fan? Then you WOULD have alot to complain about! United look really strong pre- season- Berbatov looks hungry and ready to put everything he’s got into the team. So…
                          LETS GET READY FOR TITLE NUMBER TWELVE!!!!

  10. Adolf Lucifer says:

    That should of course be: “if you really think Macheda “plays better” than Berbatov”…

  11. jacob chima says:

    this match has really shown that after the exit of two great players and key factors of the club,the players still have the determination of success in the team, congratulations Aderson 4 scoring your first united Goal and A.Valencia 4 having a sweet moment in his first united’s GAMe man-utd for life………………………………………………..

  12. Adolf Lucifer says:

    PG – Whilst it is not my usual style to disparage people’s understanding of the game simply for having a different viewpoint, I am compelled to say that if you really think Macheda “plays better” than Macheda you really aren’t paying attention.
    Macheda has raw talent and a fair bit of “hustle”, but his touch & control is light years behind that of Berba’s.
    You may prefer the style of one over the other but if you think any team would pay over £32m for Macheda (as Man City were prepared to do for Berbatov) then you really are trippin’!
    For the record, I wanted Huntelaar, but the Gaffer has made his decision so I’ll back him all the way…

    p.s. You are mistaken in your belief that CR7 was not good for dressing-room “harmony”.

    p.p.s. Thank you cfc… I try!

  13. cfc says:

    Adolf Lucifer always makes good and clear comments! 🙂

  14. PG says:

    We will see… Berbatov is over rated. For 30m, i rather have Huntelaar or Tevez. Macheda plays better than him. If Fletcher plays regularly, I’m sure he can overtake Berbatov assist.

    Valencia is a ok player, i prefer him than arrogant Ronaldo. He is a team player, at least Man Utd now will have a harmony dressing room. I’m seriously looking forward to Man Utd youngster, i think they can surely be better than the class of 90’s. Especially Macheda, Possebon & Rafael.

    By the end of the day, Berbatov surely will be drop by SAF, as well as highly rated Michael Carrick.

  15. Adolf Lucifer says:

    PG:”Ask any Man Utd fan does Berba worth that kind of money”

    Assuming that what you actually meant was “IS Berba worth that kind of money”, then, as a Utd fan, I’d say “yes”… despite getting only two fewer goals than Robinho last season and being one of the top assisters in the league, clearly this season will be even better. He has been excellent in pre-season.
    And while Valencia cannot emulate CR7 – no-one can – he has his own assets; he will clearly be more of a team player and contribute assists, and be more help when we don’t have the ball.
    All in all it looks as if those who had a cheap laugh at our acquisitions this summer will soon be laughing on the other side of their faces!

    p.s. … so what’s with all this not showing the goals, only the replays nonsense? What’s that all about?

  16. Dave says:

    Thats exactly right PC, He’ll probably get alot of assists as well 😀

  17. pc says:

    berba is gonna show this season wot he can do and his link up with owen for that goal the other day and his assist was jus pure class. so watch wot your sayin pg

  18. PG says:

    Come on… Is fact that Berbatov is slow & lazy. Our country man stands at 172cm can even man mark him and wins header againts him. And i never say Lampard & Barry is good. Never… The best midfield player i still think is Lorik Cana, Keane & Gerrard. Drogba is powerful. If u don’t believe, wait and see how many goals he will contribute to Chelsea compare to our lazy Berbatov. Ask any Man Utd fan does Berba worth that kind of money… Pls ask…Think of what u write as well.

  19. Callum says:

    Haha, DROGBA! Berbatov is better than him plus he doesn’t run after a referee for making a wrong choice. Drogba is arrogant! Carrick isn’t crap either he’s doing better than Lampard and Barry. Everyone is going on like Barry is a great player but he isn’t. He is alright but Carrick is better. PG think of what your writing.

  20. PG says:

    After just one game, u compare him to CR? haha.. u r crazy. Although i don’t really like CR since he join, but is going to be hard for someone to meet his criteria. Is just like finding someone to replace Schmeichel, Keane & Cantona. The most consistent player Man Utd has now is Patrice Evra. Carrick? No way, SAF should sell him & Berbatov. There are both useless. Even in BPL or againts Malaysia. Get players like Lorik Cana or Drogba!

  21. Amry says:

    Valencia the next CR7…!

  22. Jamie says:

    At Last Anderson, New Free Kick Taker for us

  23. ant says:

    anderson and valencia score for manutd and insua for boca juniors its 2-1 united

  24. KWAJI FROM ABUJA says:

    who score four man unitd

  25. admin says:

    Boca Juniors 0-1 Man Utd now.

  26. william says:


  27. william says:

    what is the score