Spain 5-0 New Zealand Highlights

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16 Responses

  1. t dawg says:

    fabregas omg complete ownage hahaha

  2. Panormus says:

    Obviously the Kiwis need a much better preparation but I would like to remind you all that these guys almost gave Italy a beating a couple of days ago. Undoubtedly Spain is the team of the moment, but let’s see them next year during the World Cup – this is what counts most !!!

  3. Panormus says:

    Espana, yours is a very good way of thinking about others … is it the way you behave with other people too in real life ??? Is this the way how your mind thinks about people who are in a way less good than yourself ??? I feel sorry for all those who think your way !!!

  4. to the idiot of kiwi says:

    kiwi.. seriously u think jst coz ryan nelsen was injured dat wud hav made a diff.. spain demolished new zealand bcoz spain is simply the best.. das all i got to say

  5. lamin says:

    hi thanks to spain for making me happy yesterday and i hope spain will lift the trophy by the grace of god

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah nz where well crap and spain just thrashed m. that last goal was hilarious, torres and vila are best togetther, well apart from torres and gerrard

  7. Espana says:

    lmaoooooooooooo…haha, i didnt know nz even played football. Panormus I dont think they need respect after the way they played. after watching the game, (out of respect) I am still going to think that new zealand dont play football…that was just embarrassing…btw the last goal was just classic slapstick comedy…lol

  8. Panormus says:

    Wonderful play by Spain … however Playa needs to understand what the meaning of the word ‘respect’ is !!!

  9. Playa says:

    By the way if ryan nelson was playing it wudve been even worse hes more useless then all of dem haha nz needs to put some young boyz out dere all dere players r like my grandfather haha

  10. Playa says:

    hahaha NZ is hopeless stick to rugby football is too complex for u kiwis oh man thats just plain old embarassing even i could play better then most of dose guyzz haha

  11. Bijon says:

    Torres and Villa playing together is not fair. Just beautiful.

  12. Anonymous says:

    beautiful team play I mean

  13. Anonymous says:

    second goal is beautiful

  14. kiwi says:

    come on you kiwis can do better than that! you spaniards are lucky ryan nelsen is injured 😀

  15. Anonymous says:

    lol ahhahaahha

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