Spain 0-2 USA Highlights


0-1 Altidore 27′

Dempsey 74′

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21 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Bradley tactically outlcassed Del Bosque in a number of ways. By giving Ramos extra space the US baited Ramos into pushing forward, exposing that side of the field to counter-attack. Furthermore, by having Altidore and Davies switch positions created mismatches in Spain’s zone D, which is dangerous considering Altidore’s athleticism and Davies’ guile. This resulted in the first goal, when Pique should have been marking Altidore but instead due to the cumbersome zone Capdevilla was, who was easily turned out by the striker.
    The USA have come up with a confident victory that they rightfully earned with effort, teamwork, strategy, and a little bit of luck. An upset, yes, but a fluke, no.
    This Sunday, USA Brazil 2-1 a.e.t.
    USA will capitalize on Brazil’s overconfidence and immaturity.

  2. ffs says:

    USA is ready tu rule the confederation cup

  3. azgugu says:

    hahaha akhirnya sepanyol kalah juga…itulah akibat kalau terlampau yakin sangat…tapi tak sangka yang USA boleh bermain dengan begitu baik sekali…GO USA GO…you can beat all the best team in the world

  4. brazil fan says:

    spain didnt take their chances. look, soccer is t=about having the most balls in the net. USA did the job. as much as i loved spain, USA did a fine job. congrats.

  5. Suku .T.C says:

    Nothing Impossible. Congratulations USA. CUP should be with USA.

  6. Are you stupid says:


  7. USA FAN says:

    I am happy USA won but u guys have to admit that spain were playing like sh*t because this was just a small tournament and the prize money and stuff is crap and also because spain were just warming up for the world cup and not wanting to tire themselves. Spain have not been playing seriously at all in the cofenderations cup but they still won all until usa, i don’t even think italy were playing their best at all.

  8. 10011010 says:

    to gerald: excuse me but there are lot of sports that the US don’t “dominate” in ok? (tennis, cricket, rugby just to name a few) and if you actually knew anything about FOOTBALL (not soccer) then you’d know that just because you had an upset win over the “best team” doesn’t automatically make YOU the best team

  9. Crying_Wolf says:

    2 amazing teams right there! Great effort put out by the US, they definitely deserved that win.

  10. Vietnamese says:

    woohoooooo USAAAAAAAAAAA

  11. Jesus loves u says:

    um egyption but i support america ,, go usa ,really unexpected performance ,, final will be brazil vs usa
    2 : 1

  12. LFC4EVER says:

    OK  well done for beating Spain but don’t get carried away.
    you will never be like the mighty ITALIA

  13. gerald says:

    I feel bad that the US won. I mean, once we start dominatin mens soccer, what other sport(s) does the world have on us? Badminton, ping pong, archery?

  14. LFC4EVER says:

    cmon South Africa!
    get yourselves in that final.
    USA v South Africa (who would have predicted that)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brazil are sh*t! they just think they’re good.

  15. Fernandinho says:

    ohhhhhh i knew it!!!
    heheh USA USA!!!
    the final is BRAZILvsUSA:)

  16. Mickey the Mascot says:

    2-0. Eat that world.

  17. henry says:

    i wanted a brazil spain final! now i want  a south african  usa final!

  18. Irish says:

    Loved the effort the USA squad gave out there, Congrats.

  19. Nick says:

    This commentator is the sh*t, where can you find the entire match with him?

  20. Flip says:

    I’m American and i respect the fact that we won.
    I’d prefer if it was a final of giants.
    GO USA!

  21. peter says:

    usa 1-0.

    goooooo usa.