Aston Villa 2-1 Chelsea Highlights

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7 Responses

  1. tope says:

    chelsea are only careless

  2. Anonymous says:

    chelsea is only careless

  3. Dan says:

    We lost at Villa by a goal but we gonna bounce back. Man U are ahead with one point we’ll be bck when they lose nxt wknd

  4. Ibrahim Ayeh says:


  5. Ibrahim Ayeh says:

    check and see the caliber of player chelsea have and they re still losing such type of match.I think the club owner shd stop going for already made players and focus his mind to young youth that wants to make names.

  6. denhen says:

    Can’t even beat a decent team and claimed early the title is for yours to lose. What a bunch of wasteful over-paid players.

  7. daniel says:

    hahahaha ! dawn dawn