Birmingham 0-0 Chelsea Highlights

Premier league leaders Chelsea failed to score for the first time in 34 games as they were frustrated by Birmingham.

Watch Boxing day English Premier League football match, Birmingham Vs Chelsea Highlights here.


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1 Response

  1. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Despite Ancelotti’s insistence that there will be no incoming transfers, I can’t see Chelsea winning much unless they do.
    Despite their lead in the League, their form is indifferent, their best strikers are either injured or off to the ACON, as are Mikel and Essien, and they will probably be unable to make transfers in the next window, and so fresh blood is essential.

    I think that – like SAF – they are concerned at the over-inflated prices that Real Madrid and Man City have created, and are wary of another price war with City over Aguero.

    Remember last season; everything was going swimmingly for Big Phil up until about this point in the season, when everything collapsed.
    The EPL this year is confounding everyone’s expectations – it is much more competitive – but I still fancy Chel$ki or Man Utd to claim the title in the end… Arsenal are the Dark Horse…