Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea – FA Cup – Highlights

Didier Drogba scored seven minutes from time to earn Chelsea a place in the FA Cup final at the expense of Arsenal.

1-0 T.Walcott 18′

1-1 F.Malouda 32′

1-2 Drogba

FA Cup semi-final

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26 Responses

  1. geogey says:

    actually drogba he is a plyer that uses his body to  score goal . i always see him pushing someone with his hands or shoulders in order to get some space and score.

  2. Arsenal-Boyzz says:

    Arsenal better!!!!

  3. Arsenal-Boyzz says:

    Arsenal are better club and better record

    F**k Chelsea!!

  4. Arsenal VS Chelsea says:

    Look at the record who better Arsenal or Chelsea???


    1886 as Dial Square

    Major honours
    13 league titles, 10 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 2 European trophies
    3 league titles, 4 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 2 Cup Winners’ Cup

    Record signing
    Andrei Arshavin – reported £15m
    Andriy Shevchenko – £30 million

    Current league position
    4th in The Premier League
    3rd in The Premier League

    Stadium capacity

    Answer Is 
    Arsenal are better and more success!!

  5. Shyboon says:

    Go Chelsea!!!

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. mok says:

    whatever football we play, we play for fun!

  8. Tushar Nakum says:

    We play brillant Malouda and Drogba sent us to the Final to play Everton and watch out Everton your coming home easily!!!!!

  9. Fabianskishoulddie says:

    Fabianski was only in nets because Almunia.. Another sh*t goalie is injured. Wenger is so tight on his budget that he s too scared to buy a decent goalie. Arsenal CANT WIN because they dont have a good goalie! They had Lehman who was world class… He HIMSELF brought them to CL finals.. Then he gets an unlucky red card and a dumb retarded blond piece of sh*t named Almunia comes in and lets 2 goals in!
    Btw to those stupid gunner fans out there.. Stfu.. You are sounding like f**king idiots.. Jeez.. It s a disgrace to normal gunners.

  10. GUNNERS says:

    sorry but u can only win a half strengthed arsenal. ***k chelsea will get thumped by barca. we will ***k chelsea in premier league at home. GUNNER4LIFE

  11. OMfG Chelsea FTW says:

    true true true CHELSEA the better team last nite and i appreciate the arsenal fans who go down with honour and pride but for those sore losers shame on you a 2-1 win is a win no matter what happened during the game a goal is a goal no matter what happened and a loss is a loss no matter what happened
    this goes out to GUNNR, GUNNERS

  12. SICK of it says:

    i dont know about u guys but i am  sick of chelsea and MAN U always being in the finals , and arsenal dropping out in the semis. arsenal needs. a starting line up

  13. chelsea fc says:

    GUNNR what the hell is wrong with you mate? Is that even English you’re writing?? 🙂
    Seriously, learn how to lose with pride. Chelsea were better, Arsenal’s defence s*cked but take a look at the two Lampard passes for the goals…Did your precious Fabregas give such balls to Adebayor or Van Persie or whoever else? You didn’t play well, Chelsea played better, you lost. What can you do. Life goes on. Learn how to lose like a man. And learn how to write English too…;)

  14. chelsea fan forever says:

    haha gunner u talk aload of s**t mate haha       arsenal are lower then chelsea in the leage   haha

    u just got knocked out by chelsea in the fa cup haha   your team is s**t   get used to it haha

    slaters im off this site lol so that means that if you write somin bk i wont see it   so u will be owned  lol haha

  15. GUNNR says:

    ***k u alll chelsea fans OKAY…. money would matter to u thts y all these years u ***kers cnt evn get a GOOD DAMN COACH ..u keep changn lke u changz ur cloths !!! nd abt da game …chelsea wer gud no doubt …but they r 2 do sum ads !!dey wer actng lke assholz !!!i agree arsenal’s defence s*ckd …totally …nd our keepr waz s**t but HEY ,guyz y r u flyng in da sky ? ur team werent tht gud 2 !! arsenal wer sloppy nd u guyz tuk da advantge cuz u hav such an exprncd team not lke arsenal’s whu hav youngz  playrs !! but the result says everthng “thts wht da world says”  but chelsea s*cks damn bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!dnt frget tht 2-1 in stamford !! 2day u wer lucky but next tym ur ass wll b ***kd again by the gunnrz !!!we dnt cry lke odr teams abt the amount of playrz whu wer injurd in arsenal , hence we still blv in every plyr if he is a piece of s**t or a world class plyr !!GUNNR 4 LYF !!

  16. Federico Macheda says:

    The Best Thing in Football Is GOAL…..whatever you play;
    the only important is Goal ..other things remain constant;

    Arsenal You will be ***ked Up Again By MANU ;
    so you will s*ck again man U Dick

  17. alex says:

    Typical Gunners comment about ‘Solo’ effort goals. Idiots.  That’s why Arsencal can’t win anything. It also confirms studies that Arsenal fans tend to have lower IQs, come from lower income classes, and tend to have yellow teeth.

    Chelsea. We are rich. Carefree.

  18. Federico Macheda says:

    Kuma Mako mashabiki wote wa Arsenal ; mnafirwa na mbwa

  19. Blues says:

    Sole effort huh? so malouda just dribbled the ball down the field himself?  say something intelligent if you dont want to make gunner fans look stupid.

  20. GUNNERS says:


  21. Ishan says:

    chelsea will win it no matter whos in finals but i think it will be everton not crappy man utd who s*cked against porto & i dunno how won
    may because porto was playin like ***k

  22. chops says:

    its all about united you idiots!!

  23. silly arsenal says:

    the reason he,s there is cos wenger is tight and wont buy a decent goalie

  24. Fabianski shouldnt die says:

    well if he wasnt any good, he wouldnt be playing for arsenal in the first place would he

  25. Fabianskishoulddie says:

    Im an arsenal fan here.. Yea nice game by Chelsea.. they played good.. it was pretty equal.. but surely the difference was the dumb birthday boy.. Fabianski is a horrible goalkeeper and should be sent to a team in League 2.
    Wtf was he thinkin early in the game when he rushed the ball and nearly conceded a goal?
    Wtf was he thinking at the end when Drogba was attacking? REALLY? Why the ***k would you rush him and get out of your box and NOT be allowed to touch the ball with your hands anymore? Why dont you advance a bit.. Give the defence some time and THEN try to save a shot.. Man he s so stupid.. We are s*ck with 2 ***king horrible goalkeepers.