Watford 1-3 Chelsea – FA Cup – Highlights

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9 Responses

  1. OMfG Chelsea FTW says:

    pffft anon your so dumb its not even funny priskins goal to the biggest deflection of Cech and i bet everyone will agree on this anelkas header was actually the best goal of the game that can be argued but only with anelkas other 2 goals 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like you gave a decent performance!
    We played f**king well and Priskin’s goal was the best of the game you mugs

  3. infamous says:

    chelsea is the bomb

  4. Ishan says:

    chelsea will win this season & champions league

  5. mirza says:

    im a die hard chelsea fan
    and i hope that hidnuuk can change chelsea’s team around 
    so we can go to the top of the table

  6. Umair says:

    Roman was soo funny!

  7. faraz says:

    chelsea are the best
    cech sik bruv dnt mess wif him
    best gk

  8. ALI says:

    Chelsea deserve to win,actually facing problem in defence.cech still no.1 keeper.terry not performing well,injuries suferred chelsea alot,players like essien,carvalho, sit on bentch,thats make differnce

  9. Humza says:

    Chelsea own the world and so does Anelka without Anelka Chelsea isn’t all that goals i dont know whts up with cech nowadays because all he does is fall when he tries to save something..