Fabregas completes Barcelona deal

Cesc FabregasCesc Fabregas has signed a five-year contract with Barcelona in a deal worth a potential £35m to Arsenal.

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2 Responses

  1. adam says:

    Fabregas why did u have to go man. They threatned u in barcelona u will be in subs all season take my advise boy I cant believe it.

  2. Adam Z Lucifer says:

    Well Barca have finally got their man – after a year of disgraceful conduct and persistent tapping up – and Wenger has made a bit of a fool of himself, having stated that neither Cesc or Nasri will leave, and saying that if they went Arsenal could not consider themselves “a big club”.
    What surprises me is how lightly Fabregas has been let off by the Arsenal supporters; he has clearly been complicit in Barca’s machinations and shown scant respect for the club and fans, and is now blaming the club for not letting him speak. That didn’t stop him using his Barca team-mates to stir things for the past year anyway.

    Cristiano Ronaldo showed how these things should be done – an amicable arrangement with the manager a year before leaving, allowing the player to commit fully for the last season (Cesc was rubbish for Arsenal last season) and leaving for a record fee.

    I’m afraid this whole fiasco has reflected poorly on all parties concerned.