Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea Highlights

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10 Responses

  1. man u r the best says:

    i agree with u liverpool s*ck
    and chelsea fans even though everton beat the best team man united
    i still hate chelsea more. everton will win fa cup
    man u 4 life bro
    didn’t u chelsea fans c ur team get hammered 3-0 by man u earlier
    ha man u beat wigan 2-1.
    o yea!
    one more point against arsenal who they’re gonna hammer
    and man u will retain the premier league title
    and liverpool fans. ur team will have no chance f**kfaces

  2. liverpool s*ck says:

    man u 4 life
    no hope 4 liverpool , aresenal, chelsea 2 win any trophies haha

  3. Chelsea FC Blue 4 ever says:

    Just to clarify, last seasons corresponding game was actually a 2-1 win for Chelsea. Sagna scored for Arsenal,and Drogba scored both for Chelsea. Chelsea have won the second derby days in  the premier league for the last 5 years! C’mon you blues, win at least the FA Cup!

  4. GOONERS says:

    if we had scored first we would have won but next year we will win a title my guess is definetely the fa cup and the premiership GO GOONERS

  5. man u r the best says:

    man u will win the title
    chelsea s*ck like crap
    i hate them
    by the way liverpoolrocks
    liverpool are even worse than chelsea you sh*tface

  6. united will lift all the trophies says:

    the name says it all…

  7. chelsearocks says:

    yeah i watched chelsea vs barcelona live (for the CPLG semis)  how devistating it was to watch-93rd minute for Iniesta. Hope chelsea get a miricle for the EPL. 😀

  8. cfc says:

    Chelsea is really such a great team.. i still can’t believe they are not in the Champions League finals!!!

  9. liverpoolrocks says: