Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal Highlights

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6 Responses

  1. Mfon Samson says:

    Arsenal is a light-weight while Man U is a heavy-weight.It would be a matter of grace,for Arsenal to beat Man U . Man U has a standard which cannot be lowered.To beat Arsenal is normal.Though one cannot but admire the Proffessor,Arsene Wenger for his year by year bringing -out a quality team, no matter who goes out .A team on good day can humble any team in Europe .

  2. victor amugune says:

    poor arsenal,although you tried hard but the game was theirs,we arsenal fans do not loose hope and i know next weekend we will lipisha… u shame on you actually i hate this people very much….

  3. Engr. Okafor says:

    Arsenal should defeat man-u as a birthday gift for me.

    i dont like man-u at all.

  4. Engr. Okafor says:

    I wish Arsenal the best of luck as they face an up hill task against Man-u. I hope the ref will be fair to bath sides.

  5. Danbaba kuje says:

    Go man u go!
    Up united!!!!!!!

  6. Arsenal today don’t let us down.