Barcelona Vs Real Madrid Highlights (1-0)

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    All know dat Real Madrid was nOt capable 2 win vs Barcelona..if Chelsea vs Real Madrid dEn the result sHOuld bE 10-0..ha ha HA ha..

  2. viva Barca !!! says:

    lol ..
    well said my fellow barcalonian

  3. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Well no Real surprise here…
    Once more Ibrahimovic shows that despite not cutting it in Euro competition, he is effective in Spain… certainly more effective than Benzema, who has had a woeful season thus far.
    Despite having Kaka & Ronaldo (who combined wonderfully ony for Valdes to pull off a great save) I don’t see Pellegrini hanging on much longer.

  4. zvilave says:

    barcelona iz da bomb and madrid just sucks, wat a hiding…

  5. viva BARCA !!! says:

    Awhhh Ye !!!!!
    BARCA !!!BARCA !!!BARCA !!!
    i knew this was gonna be a barcalona win … Mdrid jus sux crap too much ..
    w/ ronaldo and all the other shitty players

    BARCA !!!BARCA !!!BARCA !!!BARCA !!!