Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid Highlights – Super Cup

Mourinho and GuardiolaWatch Spanish Supercopa second leg match, Barcelona Vs Real Madrid highlights here.

Venue: Camp Nou, Barcelona
Date: 17 Aug 2011
Kick off: 21:00 GMT.


Red Card

1-0 Iniesta 15′ // Download

1-1 Ronaldo 21′ // Download

2-1 Messi 45′ // Download

2-2 Benzema 82′ // Download

3-2 Messi 88′

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8 Responses

  1. Adam Z Lucifer says:

    Barcelona the best team in the world?
    I really couldn’t argue with that; they play at consistently high levels, are winners of the top prizes, and at their best, are truly magnificent to watch.

    It is a shame then, that such superlative talents are being increasingly tainted with some more unsavoury aspects .

    The cheating, diving, play-acting, the hounding of match officials; the disgraceful concerted attempts at tapping up and unsettling players from other clubs; the refusal often to even recognise there is a problem with some of the racist outburst from not just the fans… Barcelona’s success seems to have inculcated them with the notion that they are above the moral and ethical considerations of others, and are in great danger of inciting a backlash among football fans in general.

    No doubt avid Barca fans will see these comments as another case of the envy that often dogs the successful, but others will see the truth in what I say.

    I must say that the conduct of Messi, Iniesta and one or two others is exemplary as far as I have seen, but others *cough*PiqueBusquets*cough* need to take a serious look at themselves.

  2. Samuel cole says:

    Barcelona is the best team in the world no size barca

  3. Adam Z Lucifer says:

    Once more it looks as though Barca have the Hoodoo over Real – what’s that now, six consecutive games without managing to beat them? I guess it’s going to be up to Man Utd to take them down!
    Shame there is no video here showing it kicking off at the end of the game after Fabregas takes a whack; I’m sure many people would enjoy seeing Jose get lamped!

  4. iSLaND says:


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  5. Anonymous says:

    real madrid what ever you do you never win over barca that for sure

  6. Jang says:

    I am not a Real fan but Barcelona are cheaters who just fall down and waste the time when they leads . Barca sucks

  7. saumya says:


  8. Seazel in says:

    No matter how was last match we don’t care a draw but this game will win Braca surely. Go Braca Go